Friday, August 27, 2010

Mr Mews Reconsiders the Liquidation of Canis Lupus Familiaris

Over an afternoon tea, Mr Mews rethinks his plan to relocate the neighbor canine.  "Perhaps I've been too rash.  After all, this beast hasn't caused me any trouble-as of yet.  His mere presence is of course unnerving, but I believe that Quigley and I, in our excitement, may have perhaps spoken too soon.  Amidst my brash attempts at eradication, I've lost sight of a the civilized methods of restraint and tolerance.  After all, the beast has done nothing to impair my quality of life aside from existing.  I shall invite Quigley over for a local Pinot Noir and escargot and we will discuss this matter further.


  1. I admire your restraint and tolerance, Mews, as I believe peace is the only way. But I really don't think you get it like us regular folks, up there in your ivory tower, with your expensive wine and fancy snails, you are totally out of touch. Face it, you are an uncle tom cat, living in a white mans castle!

  2. Oh, my a harsh accusation. Out of touch-I'm not so sure. I do read the news on a daily basis but yes I prefer wine over beer, escargot over french fries, brandy over Hostess cream pies. Perhaps you ought to consider your own rush to judgment before you even get to know me and my dear friends. Indeed, is peace the only way? If peace is the only way then how would you defend yourself against an aggressor? Your loved ones, for that matter?


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