Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Mrs Snodgrass Extends Her Own Invitation

"Oh, Mews.  You are a rare creature.  I simply cannot decide if I should despise you or shake your hand.  It wouldn't even have occurred to a lesser man that my request was inappropriate.  And for that I admire you.  Yet, I'm still feeling a bit slighted and I'm not sure I'm feeling as if I might just roll over and expose my furry belly for you and that Quigley fellow whom I still find suspicious.  I am willing, however, to extend an invitation to you for dinner at my house.  That way we can forget this whole unfortunate Quigley problem and you can retain your unwavering principles.  Yours, Constance Snodgrass."


  1. Mews, This is certainly a Quigley Quandry. We're waiting to see your next move with baited breath. And a cocktail.

  2. Do sit back and have a nice rum!

  3. Mews, I suspect that you are a very good chess player!

  4. It seems that I may have underestimated Mrs. Snodgrass. It appears that she may indeed play a tighter game that I at first imagined.

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