Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Quigley Defends Himself

"It is blurry Quigley.  But I would recognize that tail anywhere," Mews said scratching at his chin as Quigley looked on.  "You don't deny it do you?"

"No, of course not Mews," Quigley said with exasperation.  But certainly you don't believe that I'm a suspect in this matter Mews.  Mews?"

"Of course not Quig.  But tell me, what were you doing there, near Horst's door?  You really have no reason to be on that floor.  May I ask what your business was that evening?"  Quigley slowly nodded.

"If you must know, I was returning a sweater left by Ingeborg.  She lives on Horst's floor."

"One of the Swedish twins?"

"Yes.  She joined me for a glass of claret the night before the last letter appeared.  She's a lovely bird, and I can't imagine she has any involvement in the case of the nasty notes Mews."

"Lovely isn't actually a defense or an alibi for that matter Quigley.  I shall have to interrogate Ingeborg you know.  She and her sister Pernilla are two of my prime suspects."

"Certainly, I understand Mews.  I'm sure that you'll find Ingeborg to be most cooperative," Quigley said shaking out a wing.  Mews looked at him and smiled.

"I'll make note of that Quigley," Mews said as he showed Quigley to the window.  "Now see what you can find out about this Beauregard Chandliss fellow from your friends downtown."


  1. Happy Thanksgiving Mews and Quigs! Take the day off and relax!

  2. Mr. Mews, please say you had a gourmet dinner for Thanksgiving...and that it was a happy one!

  3. This post is inspiring me to come back to your site.

  4. HI Mr. Mews! Wow we are so behind in visiting since mom can't use her computer at work anymore. We hope you had a good Thanksgiving!

  5. Hope you all enjoyed as much turkey as I did. I'm still digesting...and I shall return Tuesday with new updates.

  6. I thought mommy had helped me post a comment here on this one as we mist certainly read it. Our apologies.


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