Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Mr Mews Plays A Dangerous Game

"Mews, you're playing with fire.  I'm not sure I can go along with this charade.  I'm ill at ease with this plan, my dear friend," Quigley said nervously sipping at his coffee.

"It's really quite simple Quigs.  I'm sorry if I'm putting you out, but really, this is the best plan.  If Mrs Snodgrass thinks that you and I are on the outs based on her conversation with me then I have a way in with her.  She is much too clever to divulge any information at face value.  And I know she knows something about the nasty notes Quigley."

"And why is that Mews?"

"It's a hunch, Quigs.  But my intuition has never let me down just yet."   


  1. The plot thickens...again! Hanging by a slender thread here. I weight 10 pounds so..hurry Mews..hurry. The thread might snap!

  2. Mews, what if Quigley is playing a double game?
    Oh dear!

  3. Feline patience and "purrception" will win the day!

  4. Yes, you are very purrceptive and also very patient gentle readers.


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