Monday, November 8, 2010

The Case of the Nasty Notes Gets Underway

"Quigley, you're right.  Enough of this dithering.  I've thought and I've thought and then I've thought some more."

"That's a lot of thinking, Mews.  So where has all this thinking gotten you?"

"Here's what we'll do.  We'll let Mrs Snodgrass get her way this time.  Let her think she has the upper hand.  That way she'll be relaxed and more likely to let her guard down.  And while she's vulnerable I shall trap her.  I shall get my answers and then-case solved!"

"Sounds like a good plan," Quigley said finishing the rest of his muffin.   "Not that that old battle axe might ever relax.  But I like where you're going with this Mews.  I fully support your decision to join her for dinner. Let's get this show on the road and begin our investigation!  Might I suggest that you bring a stiff bottle of Brandy to aide in her relaxation?"

"Yes, that's good Quigs.  Now here's the rest of the plan.  We join Horst tomorrow for lunch and extract as much information out of him as possible before my dinner with Snodgrass.  It's important to be armed properly with the latest information," Mews said tapping at his tea cup.
"And your strategy with Mrs Snodgrass once you've got her under your spell?"

"Hmm.  Yes.  Strategy.  Might have to do some thinking about that Quigs."



  1. Ply her with Brandy and then, strategy might not be an issue. Perhaps.

  2. I think the Admiral may have it just right!

  3. Mrs. Snodgrass might not drink brandy...what about sherry instead?
    And what if she's a teetotaler? Good Cod, that's too horrible to imagine.

  4. I've observed her recycling on the weekends-she most definitely indulges in the spirits!

  5. Excellent observational skills!


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