Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Mr Mews Rounds Up Some Unusual Suspects

"Mews, where on earth have you been?  You haven't returned my phone calls for days!  I can only imagine you've been extremely preoccupied with the case.  Have you any leads?"  Quigley asked.  He sounded out of breath on the phone.

"Indeed I have been busy Quigs.  I've now assembled a list of prime suspects in the Horst case based on the building's camera footage that I've been investigating.  This list is a compilation of suspects that were seen lurking near the front door of Horst's apartment the night that the last note appeared."

"Oh dear, this is exciting.  Do tell!  Who is on the list Mews?"

"Yes.  Well, Mrs Snodgrass of course-although she does just live across the hall from Horst.  The Swedish bird sisters, Ingeborg and Pernilla."

"Ingeborg and Pernilla!  Really."

"John Claude Reveneau-the new French fellow on the first floor," Mews said continuing with his list.  "Beauregard Chandliss..."

"Yes, and is that it?"  Quigley asked excitedly.

"No.  There is one more figure that appeared on the hall monitor that night."

"Yes, and who might that be Mews?"

"It seems to be a certain unlikely fellow by the name of Alistair Quigley!"


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