Thursday, November 11, 2010

Mr Mews Sips Kir Royale

"Those crabs cake were exceptionally moist Constance."

"It's all Mrs. Crowley's doing, my cook.  I took her on after her husband passed.  I'd be a slip of a woman without her-oh, but that might not be such a bad thing."

"Well, now, I think your shape is quite healthy and robust for a woman of your-ahem-maturity."  Mrs Snodgrass smiled and her eyes narrowed.

"You do have a unique command of the language now don't you Mews."  She settled into her seat.  "Now that we've had something to fill our stomachs why don't we get on with things.  Why is it, Mews, that'd you've so campaigned for my ear.  Are you here to discuss building politics or my physique?"

"I'm afraid I do have an ulterior motive.  What do you know of Horst, the dog from Bavaria?"


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