Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Quigley Disappears and then Returns Heartsick

"Quigs!  Where on earth have you been?"  Mews asks as Quigley lands on a branch in the courtyard looking harried.  "Get in here at once and explain your absence!"

"Yes, I'm terribly sorry Mews.  I had some personal business to attend to."

"Fair enough Quigley, but we're going to lose our client if you keep pulling these disappearing acts.  Now, have a seat and tell me what's going on.  Oh dear, it's not that girl again is it?"  Mews watched Quigley with a keen eye as Quigley slowly nodded.

"Yes, Mews, it's the girl again.  She's back in town-my lovely Millicent.  I thought she was gone forever, you know."  Mr Mews turned away from Quigley and rolled his eyes.

"You mean like the last time she was gone forever Quigs?  Come, it's time to get to business.  We shall discuss Millicent at a later date."


  1. Poor Quigley! Mews, have you never been in Love?

  2. Agreed, Katnip Lounge. You are perhaps a tad harsh, Mews? Where is your heart?

  3. It's hard to appreciate love, when it isn't your love. But is the finest of states, Mews!
    We are glad you are back, we missed you both.

  4. Those pesky,lovable ladies in one's life!!

  5. Perhaps I've been a bit harsh on Quigley. I shall take a moment with him tomorrow and see what I can do to comfort his aching heart. He does have a thing for this Millicent-I'm just not so sure she returns his love...

  6. Ah, Milli... she sounds like a flighty sort of girl...


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