Friday, January 28, 2011

McBain Calls Mews from an Undisclosed Location

"Mews, it's Regis McBain.  Look, man, I think I'm being followed.  There's this funny looking bald dude that's been lurking around my building all day."

"If that's the case," Mews said with an urgency in his voice, "we must meet at once.  It sounds as if the blackmailer is upping the pressure on you.  Why don't you join me at my place this evening so we can get this investigation underway?"

"I don't know man," McBain said looking over his shoulder.  "What if this guy follows me to your place?"

"My building is secure.  Besides, I won't tolerate being intimidated by persons unknown.  Now, how does eight o'clock sound."  

"Yeah, yeah okay," McBain said sounding breathless.  "I'll try and ditch him on the road.  Let's just see him try to catch up with me and Jackie."

"Jackie?  And will you be bringing this Jackie along?" Mews asked.

"Oh, heck yes.  Jackie's my '69 GTO hardtop dude!"   


  1. McBain looks like he's in disguise!

  2. Wow! This is becoming very thrilling. Will there be a high speed car chase?


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