Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Millicent Decision

"Very well Quigs.  Perhaps I've been a touch severe.  Let's discuss your heart's crisis for a moment before we move on with the case.  You're clearly in no state to work until you get a handle on this Millicent situation," Mews said firmly.  Quigley offered up a wan smile.

"Oh, it's true.  I'm quite embarrassed.  If it was anyone but Millicent," Quigley said.  "She is an exceptionally rare creature."

"Tell me what happened," Mews said.

"Well, you see she stole my heart thrice.  The first was when she ran off to Greece with that muscular acrobat-what was his name-Agacio.  Then, when she returned and we made up she left me again for a small acting role on stage in London.  Really, that was tragic.  She didn't even have any lines."

"And the third time she stole your heart?"  Mews thought he saw a tear well up in Quigley's eye.

"Just last year.  She was married," Quigley said.


"Yes.  Last year she became a nun and was married to God," Quigley said as he choked back tears.  "But that too didn't last.  Now she's here, in Portland, and she says that she's been so foolish.  That she never should have let me go!" 

"My goodness, Quigs.  I do feel for you-but don't you think that the old girl might be a tad dramatic-and dare I say confused?"  Mews said squinting in the sunlight.  "Perhaps it's for the best that things don't work out.  If you want some good old fashioned advice, perhaps you ought to nip this one in the bud before she nips you."

"Oh you may be right.  But perhaps she's changed. Grown up a little," Quigley said.  "I've never felt this way about anyone else Mews."

"Yes, well, in that case I think it's time that you make a Millicent Decision," Mews stated.  Quigley looked up.

"A Millicent decision," Quigley said looking interested.  "By God you're right Mews.  This indecision has gone on long enough."

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  1. While we're sympathetic to love, we had to vote "she's nuts!" You can do better, Quigs.

  2. are falling into the trap so many do when thwarted in love. One tends to convince oneself that this time, it's different and Quigley, it never is, my dear.

  3. Quigley, go for her, Man! 'Tis better to have loved and lost...

  4. I'm all about the bootiful ladies, you go for it my friend!!

  5. We has learned to stay out of the 'affairs of the heart'. So do what you will Quigley, we will be here for you, regardless. In the meantime, did we hear Mews mention 'Nip'?!?
    A great idea for a snowy Friday afternoon.
    Have a great weekend, dears!


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