Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Quigley and Mews Tune In

"Yes, I think I've heard enough Quigs.  You can turn the volume down," Mews said.  "I can imagine with such inflammatory rhetoric Regis McBain probably has an enemy list a mile long."

"Quite, Mews.  You've got your work cut out for you this time-I'm not sure how you're going to narrow down the list of suspects to a reasonable number."

"It does seem a bit daunting.  I shall take it one step at a time.  While McBain may have hundreds of angry listeners, only a handful of those people would actually take action against him-and out of that handful only a few will actually have the information it would require in order to blackmail him.  McBain will be able to point us in the right direction when we interview him."

"And when might that be Mews?" Quigley asked looking impatient.

"This week.  He's a busy man.  And a secretive one too.  He wishes to meet at a secret location," Mews said.  "Yet, I'm afraid I still don't know where this secret location is."


  1. But you will. You'll find out very soon and then, we will get deeper into this mystery.

  2. Hmm... He's not gonna make this easy for you, is he?

  3. Maybe he wants to meet UTB; Under The Bed?


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