Friday, January 21, 2011

Mews Persuades McBain

"I do understand that you want to maintain privacy Mr McBain, but I assure you Mr Quigley will be an asset to your case and not a detriment.  Mm.  Indeed.  Yes, yes of course.  That's right, he does have a lot of contacts-he can be nearly invisible at times and therefore able to observe without being noticed.  I think that you'll come to appreciate Mr Quigley's talent for buzzing about town and gathering information," Mews stated clearly into the phone.  "I wish again to make it clear that your political views will in no way affect my ability to handle this case.  The same goes for Mr. Quigley," Mews said.  He eventually said goodbye to McBain and hung up the phone after repeating himself several times.  Mews walked over to the window and looked out over the courtyard.  While he watched the rain drip off the branches of the large deodora he realized that he didn't feel quite as confident as he had sounded on the phone.  "It's going to be difficult managing Quigley with McBain in the room.  I can't think of two more opposite creatures."   


  1. Don't worry Mews, we are sure Quigley is a professional of the highest caliber. After all, you taught him everything he knows! This is going to be a fun case.

  2. We hope Quigs won't blow the case!

  3. I agree,. Quigley will come through for you, Mews.


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