Friday, March 4, 2011

Quigley Strikes!

While Mews has been busy conducting interviews, Quigley has been busy trailing McBain and Mews in hopes of exposing their stalkers.  Quigley quietly hopped from tree branch to tree branch, power line to roof top when he spotted a cloaked figure emerging from an alley way as Mews wrestled with an armful of grocery bags and library books on the sidewalk near his building.  Quigley waited until Mews opened the door of the building to swoop in and peck the cloaked figure out of their hooded garments only to finally reveal a familiar looking face...  


  1. Oh, who could it be? We think..... it's Fern.

  2. I have my suspicions I tell you BUT I don't want to be I will keep them to myself at present

  3. Oh, now wonder who that familiar face belongs to. Hugs and nose kisses

  4. OMD... who could it be!?!?
    I don't want to be wrong, so I won't guess!


  5. Me has not got any idea at all!!! Please tell us Mr. Mews!!!!!


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