Monday, March 7, 2011

A Misunderstanding

"Mews!   Get that flying rodent off my beard!"  At this, Quigley hopped away from McBain as the DJ struggled to regain his composure.  "Good grief, what is going on?"  McBain asked.  Quigley hopped down from the stairs in the building lobby and looked at Mews.

"I thought he was going to attack you Mews," Quigley said.

"Attack Mews!  You're crazy, one crazy bird," McBain said smoothing out his mustache.

"So why are you wearing a hooded coat and sneaking around Mews' building?" Quigley asked.

"I'm wearing this hood so I don't get hassled-but apparently that doesn't work.  Should I have to explain myself Mews?"

"No," Mews said looking at Quigley.  "Quigs, we had an impromptu meeting today-simple as that.  McBain has some new information for us," Mews said as Quigley avoided eye contact.  "Why don't we step inside and forget that this all happened," Mews said taking the lead.   

"Easy for you to say Mews," McBain said glaring at Quigley.  "You aren't the one getting attacked every other day." 


  1. Quigs, we don't blame you a bit. With all the crazy going on, you just want to protect your friend.

  2. Oh my word, Quigs, you can hardly be blamed. I think Mews is taking just the right attitude.


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