Thursday, March 10, 2011

He Won't Back Down

"Well, I'm sure as h*** not pulling my show!"  McBain exclaimed.  As he spoke his thick mustache swayed.

"No, of course that won't do," Mews said reviewing the note.  "It does shed some light on the blackmailer.  It does seem by the person's request that the blackmailer is politically motivated."

"It does Mews," Quigley offered.  "But it doesn't necessarily mean that the blackmailer is a political rival.  It could be that the blackmailer just wants to see McBain go down."  Mews nodded and then drew his attention to McBain who was pulling something out from the side of his jacket.

"In any case I'm ready for this jackwagon next time he messes with Regis McPain," McBain said producing a small black pistol.



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