Wednesday, March 2, 2011

An Angry Producer

"I'm sure I know who's behind all this blackmailing crap," Scarlett White said as she dug around inside of her massive leather purse.  "It's Jon Lenin-I'm sure of it-or one of his lefty minions.  They've staged so many protests outside of KPX it's not even funny.  There was another one just last week-about thirty unemployed wack-jobs with nothing better to do than protest the fact that McBain said that Senator Strawberry would be better off barefoot and pregnant than legislating for constituents.  It was a joke-man, can't anyone take a freakin' joke any more?  McBain's a sexist, McBain's a racist-it's all we hear Mews."  Scarlett White pulled out a tube of lipstick and reapplied her Cherry Bomb. "The reality is that McBain's producer is none other than moi, a female and his screener's a black man.  It drives me nuts Mews-and now he's being blackmailed?  Unreal.  Nobody can take controversy anymore, debate is over unless you're prepared for a thousand lawsuits and an internet smear campaign that makes the Civil War look like a sewing bee."  Mews was waiting for a pause in conversation but Scarlett White presumably did not breath when she talked.  "You know Mews, I wouldn't be surprised if this Fern Butterfield chick is behind the whole thing.  I bet Jon Lenin hired her to be McBain's girlfriend just to get those photos in the first place!"


  1. This is getting so exciting! Me can't wait for the next instalment! mr Mews you is the bestest!

  2. Wow, this just keeps getting better... can't wait to hear more!


  3. Ohh... she's a bit fiery, isn't she?


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