Tuesday, March 8, 2011

F is for Forever

"I received this in the mail this morning," McBain said breathlessly handing Mews a letter without a return address.  Quigley was busy plucking black hairs out of his toes and beak as Mews read the letter aloud. 

"Regis McBain,  this letter is to inform you that you will no longer be blackmailed provided you perform one action.  That action is to take yourself off the air.  Forever.  Yours, X."


  1. Astounding demand, I must say. I wonder what McBain is thinking even as Mews is reading this letter...what will Mews advise? Surely not to accede to the demand!

  2. No! You can't cave in to the demands of a blackmailer! (I'm pretty sure I saw that on a TV drama or two)


  3. Mews never backs down. We're sure of that. Not to someone like this. (PS: our Mom luffs the pictures you use here).

  4. Outrageous demand. Even if you are not a McBain fan,as I am not, he can't accede to such blackmail.


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