Monday, April 4, 2011

The Last Few Suspects

"Quigley, tell me what you've found out about our final suspects while I've been away."

"Of course, Mews.  Well, we can count out Charlie Poker the gambling addict since he's been in prison for the last three months due to an unrelated burglary charge.  That leaves Jimmy Scape the Angry Blogger and "Ham The Operator," the DJ who fills in for McBain from time to time-Ham seemed to have nothing bad to say about McBain-in fact-he thinks of McBain as his mentor.  Jimmy Scape, on the other hand, is a deluge of hate.  Not only did he have absolutely nothing good to say about McBain over his laptop and a stiff Martini, it would seem from his words that he thought McBain was the antichrist!"

"Goodness gracious, Quigs.  Well, yes, none of this surprises me.  In fact while I've been out of town I've had time to review the entire case with fresh eyes, and, I believe I may have solved it-well, most of it anyway."

"That is refreshing news I have to say Mews!  It's been such a long case, I admit I've already forgotten half of the suspects."

"Not to worry Quigs.  I shall be reviewing the suspects and the important aspects of the case for you this week as I tie up some loose ends.  I don't-of course-want to make any mistakes when I finally reveal the culprit."

"Or culprits," Quig said sounding excited.

"Or culprits," Mews said before hanging up the phone.


  1. We are waiting with baited breath, Mews!
    And a box of fine chocolates and coffees.

  2. Oh, I could use some fine chocolate right about now..

  3. Mr Mews! Mes has been waiting and waiting! This has been so exciting!!
    Me is getting my tuna treats all ready for each episode!

  4. Oh, dear, so sorry to keep you waiting cat from hell-but I do think I have solved the case-I shan't keep you waiting much longer.


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