Tuesday, April 12, 2011

And Then There Were Two

"And it wasn't Scarlett White the producer.  She was on the air moderating the political debate between Ham and Jimmy Scape."

"Yes, besides, she has no real motive," Quigley added.  "McBain is her cash cow-she would have no reason to get rid of him.  So that leaves only three-Imelda McBain the ex, Jon Lenin and Fern Butterfield."

"Actually two Quigs.  You see it wasn't Imelda McBain either.  She was on a shoe-shopping trip to New York during the attack.  And while she does have motive, she doesn't need any money.  Besides, she's not the kind of "do it yourself" criminal we're looking for.  In addition to her personal driver, chef, assistant, and stylist, she even pays for someone to retrieve her mail.  No, if she were behind any of this she would most likely have hired a professional.  And as I explained earlier, I'm quite sure this is not the work of a professional."

"And then there were two Mews.  So, Fern Butterfield and Jon Lenin..." 


  1. Hmm... we still think Fern. She's a bit squinty eyed for our taste. :)

  2. Me thinks its Jon Lenin, but Fern is a good suspect too!

  3. Oh no we got so behind again! We have a lot of catching up to see what mystery you are working on now Mr. Mews! We hope we can get all caught up!! It sounds like it is very exciting goings on there!


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